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Polar Bear Expedition/Beluga Whale/National Forts-Churchill 2010

Hi everyone – I know it’s been a long time since I first proposed this
and I apologize. I’m sending this info out to everyone as I know there
are new people this year who may like to participate.

I researched the opportunities for doing a winter trip and a summer
trip, and the winter trip, which I had originally planned on, looks
very expensive and not suitable for younger kids. It would be three
eight hour + days on the tundra looking for bears, which likely won’t
hold the interest of younger students, and many other interesting
sites are not accessible in the winter. I wanted to find something to
include all ages where possible. The summer trip is less expensive and
provides more opportunity to see different things in the area. A
summer trip would include:

Watching beluga whales on private zodiacs (there are about 3,000
belugas in the mouth of the Churchill River)
Tour of the Churchill townsite
Visit Cape Merry National Historic Site
Whale watching on larger chartered boat
Visit Fort Prince of Wales
Summer dog sledding program in the boreal forest
Tundra buggy excursion onto the tundra by Hudson Bay to look for plant
life and animal life (polar bears are seen in the summer too, but no

Basically, in the winter, it’s three days on the tundra buggy looking for bears.

The cost for this trip is quoted at $860 per person and includes all
the above, transfers, and two nights accommodations (they will book 20
rooms for 40 people, single supplement applies, I could maybe work a
deal for families of more than two who share a room). The cost for the
VIA rail chartered car would be $10000/by the number of people who can
make it.

I think we could do this for a cost of about $1300 per person (plus
spending money and some meals in Churchill). That would include the
adventure, the accommodations, most meals and transportation from
either Hudson Bay, SK or Canora, SK. Getting to Hudson Bay or Canora
we can arrange separately. Driving there saves a day and a half on the
train which goes Saskatoon-Winnipeg – back into Saskatchewan before
heading north.

I would like to fundraise significant dollars and raise some
sponsorship help to offset the total cost which would be passed down
to each person participating in the fundraising, so that this $1300
becomes much less. If you would like to help with fundraising
organization please let me know. If you do not have an interest in
participating in the fundraising, but want to go on the trip, you
would be responsible for the full cost per person.

To make this program work, we need between 35-40 people – but 40 is
the max. If you have already emailed me that you are a go for a trip I
will hold your space until you let me know if you would like to do the
summer trip or not.

Keep in mind that they do not recommend putting children under 5 in
the zodiacs but otherwise the company feels the summer program is
suitable for all ages. If you still want to bring your child under 5,
you could simply not go on the zodiacs.

Hopefully we get a good group to go up this summer! They recommend the
middle of August. Altogether it would be a fabulous experience and I
hope we get enough people to make it work.

We could cut costs by not chartering a train car and using VIA’s “kids
under 12 are free with paid adult fare”. However, we would not be in
one car and we wouldn’t be able to do any discussions or presentations
as a group on the way up. Also, if we charter a car, we have the
exclusive use of it and can cut down on other passengers walking
through our area. This price does not include beds but rather the
reclining seats – for one night each way it’s easy to sleep in a
chair. Beds cost thousands!

Please let me know as soon as possible. Once I have about 30 people
confirmed to attend, I will start organizing rooming and fundraising,
and book the time with the company. They may require a deposit up
front, which makes sense, so I may ask for contributions on a per
person basis to help cover that.

If you have any questions let me know! I have attached the proposal
from the company as a pdf, it is a safe document.
Home Schoolers Churchill Summer 2010


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