• The Prairie Spirit Home Educators support group

    consists of home educating families living in the towns, farms, and acreages surrounding Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • Prairie Spirit Parents Liaison Group

    This group meets with members of the Prairie Spirit School Board to form the Prairie Spirit Home-Based Education Committee. Last year the Parent Liaison group helped draft the new home-based education policy now in effect. Members of the Prairie Spirit Home-Based Educator Parent Liaison group include: Lori Giesbrecht,Kayla Hunt, Teena Ens, Melissa Ong, and Shelley Gilbey.
    Please contact any of these committee members with concerns you would like to be addressed by the PSSD Home Education Committee.
  • PSHE on Facebook

    A group for home-schoolers (Parents and Students) that live in the Prairie Spirit area.
    Purpose: to keep up-to-date on activities and info within the homeschool community. We can also share pictures of various events or things we're working on etc.

  • Prairie Spirit School Board

    HBE Facilitator:
    Janet Jeffries 683-2830
    Prairie Spirit School Division Office - 683-2800
    Information for Home Based Educating parents on the Prairie Spirit School Division website
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Homeschooling Club

Are you hoping to build friendships that will last throughout all your years of Homeschooling? Are you Homeschooling or Unschooling girls age 7-8 and/or boys age 5-6? We are starting a Homeschooling Club and/or Unschooling Club where families can fellowship frequently, share common moral values and challenge each other as well as the children will have permanent friends that are not “at school” and they can get involved in common activities.  Also, there will be moms “me” time (to take a break:), and we would love to integrate the dads in family events too. If your family wishes to have this, feel free to contact us. We are in Saskatoon, South East. The idea is to have a “local” club, but if you live in another area of the city, you will be most welcomed too! florecita@live.ca

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