• The Prairie Spirit Home Educators support group

    consists of home educating families living in the towns, farms, and acreages surrounding Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • Prairie Spirit Parents Liaison Group

    This group meets with members of the Prairie Spirit School Board to form the Prairie Spirit Home-Based Education Committee. Last year the Parent Liaison group helped draft the new home-based education policy now in effect. Members of the Prairie Spirit Home-Based Educator Parent Liaison group include: Lori Giesbrecht,Kayla Hunt, Teena Ens, Melissa Ong, and Shelley Gilbey.
    Please contact any of these committee members with concerns you would like to be addressed by the PSSD Home Education Committee.
  • PSHE on Facebook

    A group for home-schoolers (Parents and Students) that live in the Prairie Spirit area.
    Purpose: to keep up-to-date on activities and info within the homeschool community. We can also share pictures of various events or things we're working on etc.

  • Prairie Spirit School Board

    HBE Facilitator:
    Janet Jeffries 683-2830
    Prairie Spirit School Division Office - 683-2800
    Information for Home Based Educating parents on the Prairie Spirit School Division website
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2011 Dragon Boat Festival – Team Entries Available!

Hi everyone! I am currently doing some contract work for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. One of their upcoming events is the Dragon Boat Festival on July 22nd and 23rd. I would love to be able to have a homeschool boat! I would need a volunteer for team captain, and 24 additional individuals ages 14 and up (these numbers include one drummer, one steersperson, and three trained alternates, all of whom should be able to swim 100m with a lifejacket – no test!). There will be 3 scheduled training sessions and each person must attend at least 2 of the 3 training sessions. Adults and students are welcome, you do not have to be actively homeschooling or a student to participate. You can put in either an all women’s team, or a mixed team. A mixed team must have a minimum of 8 women and 8 men.

The team captain basically organizes the paperwork and ensures everyone knows the schedule.

You can get businesses to sponsor tshirts, you can make your own tshirts, choose your own name, and coordinate fundraising online for Heart and Stroke. There will be prizes for team fundraisers, individuals fundraisers, best times, etc. If there is a business out there run by homeschoolers that would like to advertise, you can sponsor the boat entry in whole or in part ($800 to the end of March, $900 after) and put your logo on the team tshirts or even have the team name include your business name. There are tons of opportunities and tons of fun. If no business will sponsor the team entry (in whole or in part) then with 25 crew members the cost is $32 each. You could even hold an event to raise funds to pay the team entry.

This would be a great community building/team building event for homeschoolers in our area, and a great community event for older teens to become involved with raising money for a charitable organization, while having fun. In addition to online fundraising, you can hold any fundraising event you would like to do as a team.

I have done it before and it was a blast. I would captain the team myself but I will be busy on event day helping the organizers.

Let me know if there is any interest and I will help in forming a team and letting everyone know what will happen. Please spread the word to other homeschoolers!


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