• The Prairie Spirit Home Educators support group

    consists of home educating families living in the towns, farms, and acreages surrounding Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • Prairie Spirit Parents Liaison Group

    This group meets with members of the Prairie Spirit School Board to form the Prairie Spirit Home-Based Education Committee. Last year the Parent Liaison group helped draft the new home-based education policy now in effect. Members of the Prairie Spirit Home-Based Educator Parent Liaison group include: Lori Giesbrecht,Kayla Hunt, Teena Ens, Melissa Ong, and Shelley Gilbey.
    Please contact any of these committee members with concerns you would like to be addressed by the PSSD Home Education Committee.
  • PSHE on Facebook

    A group for home-schoolers (Parents and Students) that live in the Prairie Spirit area.
    Purpose: to keep up-to-date on activities and info within the homeschool community. We can also share pictures of various events or things we're working on etc.

  • Prairie Spirit School Board

    HBE Facilitator:
    Janet Jeffries 683-2830
    Prairie Spirit School Division Office - 683-2800
    Information for Home Based Educating parents on the Prairie Spirit School Division website
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Recruiting child standardized patients

My name is Lori Tastad. For those of you who do not know me, I am the Patient Resource Coordinator
for the University Of Saskatchewan Health Sciences Clinical Learning Resource Centre. Our Centre
provides Health Science Students with wonderful learning opportunities that are critical to their
development of clinical practice skills. We recruit and train individuals from our community to portray
simulated patients (Standardized Patients) for our health science students to learn client-practitioner
communication, to practice clinical and physical assessment skills and to evaluate their competency in
these skills sets. This learning all occurs in the Clinical Learning Resource Centre which is deemed a safe
learning environment. In this setting, the students are actively encouraged to identify and learn from
their knowledge gaps and practice mistakes. This type of experiential learning allows the health science
students to enter the clinical setting more confident and experienced in their clinical practice and
communication skills. We are continually looking for individuals to help us in this learning endeavor and
we are reaching out to you today to volunteer for one of our learning modules.
Currently, we are recruiting children ages 4-6 years old (children that do not have to be taken out of
school) along with their parent or caregiver to volunteer for our Pediatric Assessment module with the
first year medical students in January and February, 2015.

Click to read the rest of Lori’s letter….Pediatric Recruitment Letter

Thanks so much.


Lori Tastad
Patient Resource Program Coordinator
Clinical Learning Resource Centre
University of Saskatchewan
104 Clinic Place
Saskatoon SK S7N 5E5
Telephone: (306) 966-4626
Cell: (306) 291-4437
Facsimile: (306) 966-5881
Email: lori.tastad@usask.ca


Homeschool Skating Update – AGAIN…

Sorry for all the changes, but I just received word that the City of Warman has now decided to close Diamond Arena early due to lack of rentals the last week in March. Because of this the arena will be closed March 24, 2013. Therefore, our new calendar with them is:

– Three Homeschool Skating days left…March 4, 11 & 18
– On the last skate day (March 18th) we will make it a wind-up party – please bring yummy snacks to share:-)

Take part in new CBC Kids Show

Hello Sask Homeschoolers!

I am a researcher for Apartment 11 Productions (in Montreal) and right now we are in the early outreach period for a new multi-platform project we are doing for CBC called Cross Country Fun Hunt (CCHF). CCFH is a children’s project aimed at kids between the ages of 8-15. Essentially the goal is to find the most fun and special places in Canada! The best part is that these places will be CHOSEN BY KIDS themselves! The CCFH website that launches at the beginning of May will be filled with profiles from kids all over Canada and videos explaining their most favorite fun things to do in their city/town/neighbourhood. These profiles and videos submitted by kids from all across the country will be displayed on a huge and very cool interactive map of Canada. At the beginning of July our host and the Fun Hunt van will be going on an epic road trip to visit the “funnest” places and kids in the country- these visits will be turned into webisodes and then a TV series that will air on CBC in the fall!

What we are looking for NOW is for select organizations/networks across the country to let us know of any kids or groups of kids that would want to take part in this early outreach period and be one of the first kids to get their fun place (and video) up on the map when the site officially launches in early May. It would also be great if you could spread the word about the project on your site/blog/newsletter/etc. (to promote the early outreach and/or the official site launch in May). I have attached a full description of the project for you as well as a postcard that you can post online or pass along to friends/colleagues you think would be interested.

Example videos we have received so far: http://www.youtube.com/user/CCFHearlybird
We are looking to get these early videos by mid April.


Canadian Citizenship Challenge

Because Citizenship is about ALL Canadians…

The Historica-Dominion Institute is challenging students from sea to sea to be Great Canadians by studying all the wonderful things that make up Canada and then to put that knowledge to the test. New Canadians have to pass a Citizenship Exam in order to become Canadian citizens and we think that all Great Canadians should be ready to answer questions about their home and native land.

Are you up for the Challenge?

Students from grade 7 to 12 (Secondary I-V in Quebec) can enter themselves individually, or teachers can enter their classrooms to win great prizes and show us just what they and their country are made of!

Canadian Citizenship Challenge – Official Website

You are Invited!

Home-Based Educators from Prairie Spirit School Division invite you to an
Informal Information Session

Wednesday, June 8th at 7 p.m.

Prairie Spirit School Division Office

121 Klassen St. East, Warman

If you would like to find out more about home-based education in Saskatchewan, please join us. This informal session is intended for those new to home-based education or considering home-based education in the future.

NOTE: For parents attending that are already home-based educators, feel free to bring samples of your favorite curriculum or books to let newcomers see what is out there for learning resources. There will also be a question and answer time where your input will be welcomed as one who speaks from experience.

For further information contact: Janet Jeffries at 683-2830 │janet.jeffries@spiritsd.ca

Rock Paintings Exhibit – Langham Library

Langham Library is bringing The Rock Paintings of Northern Saskatchewan exhibit to Langham, this exhibit from the Saskatchewan Archaeological Society deals with the paintings found on cliff faces at over 70 locations along the water ways of the Canadian Shield in the boreal forest of Saskatchewan North.
From May 30 to June 2 viewings will be open to the public durings regular evening library hours, Monday 6 – 8, Tuesday 4 – 8, Thursday 4 – 8. Come and enter to win a DOOR PRIZE!

Library adddress:

302 Railway Street
Langham SK

End of the Year Homeschool Fair – Thursday May 26th

When: Thursday May 26th, 5-10pm
Where: Holy Covenant Church Basement (1426 Alexandra Ave – Saskatoon)

What do I mean by “homeschool fair”?
A chance to sell used books, visit, and share ideas for the coming school year. Not just coffee and treats time (although there will be those), there will be a short (about an hour-from 7-8pm) time when anyone who wants can share their idea for a class, field trip, project, club etc. If you’ve found some cool curriculum but think it would really be better followed in a group setting, be prepared to talk about it. Would you be willing to plan field trips if you had someone to work with? Favorite educational finds of the past year – please share!

NEW PLAN for the Used Book Sale** My husband Andrew has volunteered to be the cashier for the evening, recording sales and collecting money. This means that you do not need to run your own table, but you still could if you’d prefer. Please mark each and every item for sale with your name or initials and the price. I’ll be at the church with tables set up by 5pm. If you are planning to sell books, please e-mail me (Kayla – klarc.hunt@gmail.com) with your name, the “code” you’ll use to mark your books and estimated amount of books (ie, 1 box, 10 boxes…).
Come when you can, we’ll have “official” forum time from 7-8, but the rest of the evening will just be shopping and chatting!

If you would like to share a class opportunity, co-op idea, favorite website….but just won’t be able to attend, please send me a paragraph or two with your contact information and I’ll compile them into a handout.

Any questions, contact Kayla at klarc.hunt@gmail.com